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Todxs queremos un lugar al que llamar nuestro/
We all want a place to call our own

Film, 2022, 12'

A hairdresser’s shop in Madrid crowded with people who come to see and touch a replica of the Virgin of Quinche. A priest proposes to take the statue to a church downtown. The story continues when the replica of the Virgin is returned to the barbershop after an angry crowd disagrees with the way the priest handles things. So, I decide to write a letter to the priest. Offer him a deal he can’t refuse.

We all want a place to call our own  is an experimental video that reflects on the desire to possess the world through its images.

With the support of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola and 2deo Tabakalera
Sound: Julio César Martín
Poster: Magdalena Orellana

This film was made thanks to the help of:
Carolina Bataglini, Camilo Restrepo, Inês Lima, Humberto Vallejo,
Jorge Castrillo,
Anna de Guia-Eriksson.



Mar del Plata Film Festival, 2022
Fenda, 2023
Lago Film Festival, 2023
Short Waves Festival, 2023

Fest Curtas Belo Horizonte, 2023

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