Video Installations and Film 


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I put an ad to find people in Bielefeld willing to invent a language.
I was once told that language’s main function wasn’t communication but building people’s identity.

If it was communication, we would all speak the same language in the same way ...
Instead, we are constantly using language to define who we are and who we want to be.
Having said that: Language is a form of creation. So, if language allows us to construct reality, we are also able to change reality with words.

We reunited in Bielefeld  with the support of Artists Unlimited during the months of December and January and did not invent a language but the process was nice.

The people that collaborated with this project are:
Miriam Weinzierl
Sylvie Hansen
Alicja Dawidowski
Raph Tenxol
Salome Moran
Jose Monzón


As a result of this  investigation we created an exhibition that took place in Bielefeld in the Gallery of Artists Unlimited in February of 2018. The exhibition was composed by several videos about interactions I've had on live chats on youtube and a film titled LANGUAGE EXERCISE that is the documentations of the encounters to invent a language. 

(The complete list of works that composed the exhibition will be uploaded on this site soon)  

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