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Atajos /Shortcuts

Film, 18', 2019

“I asked a man what the Law was. He answered that it was the guarantee of the exercise of possibility. That man was named Galli Mathias. I ate him“

Oswaldo de Andrade, Cannibalistic Manifesto

Shortcuts is a serie of videos with imaginary interviews with people who take shortcuts in daily life. One of the characters states that, once a year, he feels the need to create a human-scale doll of the president, dance with it and then burn it in the street, but not before placing explosives inside it. This character is what we call a good walker. A good walker is someone who knows how to take shortcuts. Being a good walker is very challenging these days; it requires a lot of intelligence and dopamine. Taking shortcuts is a good strategy to avoid being eaten alive by hegemony.


Shortcuts is a short film created during a residency at Unidee Cittadelarte, from personal archives filmed on minidv since 2011. The aim is to reflect self-critically on the power relations established in hegemonic film narratives and the ways of portraying our territory. Shortcuts is also a tribute to the resistance and cleverness of the people close to me who inhabit my archives.

This film was made with the support of IILA and CAC. 

I thank Leyli Gafarova, Shayma Nader, Major Kaur, Valerio Del Baglivo, Annalisa Zegna, Ricardo Vargas, Jorge Rodriguez, Jorge Jacome and Clara Tosseti for their support. 


IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Olhar de Cinema Curitiba Int’l Film Festival, Brazil.

FICValdivia International Film Festival, Chile.

FestCurtas Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Neighboring Scenes at Lincoln Center, New York, USA.

True False Film Festival, USA.

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