Video Installation


I was in Pontiac, Michigan at Tesselate Gallery residency program. I wrote this text:

"A policeman that used to kiss the regime. A regime that used to rule twenty years ago. A twenty year old policeman’s wife who was also a regime. A kiss of the victim’s regime. A victim who is now a ghost and probably has children. A ghost that is also the lawyer of a regime, that used to be kissed by policemen, 20 years ago, that is now a ghost"

I put an ad on craigslist asking for people who would like to perform an Empathy Exercise consisting on choosing one character of that text and thinking it's your while you do your normal daily life in Michigan and film yourself during the process. 

The result was a collaboration with Kolin Similo, Beck Rivera, Ana Montantes, Pixie Renny and Oscar García and a video installation showing the footage filmed during that month while performing that Empathy Exercise. 


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