YO ESTOY VIVO Y TU ESTAS MUERTO  (I'm Alive And You Are Dead)​ -

Film, 16 min.


Latin American middle class is raised under this illusion of feeling special. And that is cruel. Because we are not that special. At least not more than other people.

Pop culture, reality shows and social networks are bombing us with this idea. They need us to feel special so we will still believe in progress and success and buy their products.

I mean, many of us are first generation college goers. So this is a big deal!

It's not so hard to buy that shit about success. We sort of have to. 

Pop starts die tragically and become saints. Children with hight I.Q. dream to go to Harvard. And middle class students pay a high price for thinking they are special. 


Ricardo Colmenares

Ignacio Jáuregui

Francia Herrero

Lusiana Bisi

Daniela Delgado 

Luis Cañizares

Camera, Texts, Postproduction and Audio by Daniela Delgado Viteri

 © 2019 by Daniela Delgado Viteri