Film, 13min. 


Fiction film about a person that is struggling to understand people from a foreign city called Lotte. This woman is trying to give meaning to what is misunderstood by making associations with her past. But this turns out to be not very effective. 

The images of this films were produced by Daniela Delgado Viteri and Le Fresnoy Studio des Arts Contemporains. They were meant to be the images of another film called L'effet Cocktail Party. I wasn't happy with what that film had to say, so years after I made another version of that film and named it Lotte.

The complete list of Cast and Crew originally intended for L'effet Cocktail Party:


Stella Virgi

Regina Demina

Louisa Rose Martin 

Emmanuel Lolliot

Amanda Grannas

Oceane Oufbert

Tereza Klenorová

Jonathan Coles

Youssef Rhaibi

Hossam Helmy

Flor Rennerstam

Grace Oktaviani

Magnolie Nanthavong

Ricardo Sobero



Chefs opérateurs

Julien Guillery

Daniela Delgado Viteri


Assistants caméra 

Marie Kalfon

Bastien Rebena

Chef électricien

Jeremy Courmont



Rajwa Thomé

Montage image 

Jorge Márquez

Daniela Delgado Viteri



Baptiste Évrard 


Ingénieur du son 

Pierre Leblanc


Montage son  

Martin Delzescaux



Simon Apostolou


Musique Piscine 

Ricardo Colmenares - Untitled

 © 2019 by Daniela Delgado Viteri